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Minnie and Mia do it digitally!

Minnie #1

Minnie is queer and carefree - she’s not even fazed much by her mother who refuses to understand why her daughter can’t patch things up with her ex-boyfriend.

At the beginning of this series, we learn how Minnie leaves Ruben for Mia and discovers the pleasures of Love with a Woman - like cheering on the cast of the L-word and going to meetings of FemFist together. She meets Mia’s two mothers and cuts a few not-so-understanding acquaintances from her address book. She comes out at work and discovers the “scene”, where she is scrutinized by her lover’s Ex. And of course she gets re-introduced to sex, and finds she’ll never have to fake her orgasms again.

Minnie enjoys considerable success in The Netherlands, where she has appeared in lesbian magazine Zij aan Zij since 2004. Now she plans to take on the world!

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